" A Negotiator can be his own best friend, or his own worst enemy. " Daniel Rutois

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Are Strategic Negotiators born or can they be developed through training?

In my opinion and experience, the answer is that although some are born with the required skills to excel in negotiations, they can also be developed through the adequate training and practice.

Negotiations are both an art and a science. Hence, most of the core principles, strategies, and techniques can be learned. Nevertheless, there are also some key elements to negotiations’ success that only a professional and experienced negotiator, like Mr. Rutois, can offer. These elements will ensure that a negotiation meets its required objective(s), and typically differentiate star negotiators from average performers. Furthermore, the principles taught by Corporate America can be detrimental in certain occasions, as negotiators are faced with opponents from the same “corporate school,” causing both sides to come to a standstill, and unable to get to a “win-win” situation.

Because of the complexity of negotiations, our firm offers our customized Independent Negotiator services. However, depending on the specific situation of a company (i.e. size, complexity of the negotiations, frequency of negotiations, cost/benefit considerations, etc), it is sometimes prudent to select our Negotiations Training service, either as a supplement to, or as an alternative to, our Independent Negotiator services.

If your company has 20 or more Spanish speaking employees or salespeople, we can provide a customized training program to coach and develop a selected group of your staff. Based on our experience and previous results, your benefits will be significant and timely. How would you like to double or triple your sales within six months? Our comprehensive training program focuses on many factors besides the strategic and tactical negotiations skills. We also ensure that your employees come away with the right mental state to succeed in a complex negotiation; having a positive mindset and implementing visualization techniques have proven to be critical elements in achieving results. We guarantee that we will transform your team from thinking as a “salespeople” to thinking as a “negotiators.” Their new “out-of-the box” thinking approach will result in exponential business gains. Even though there are some negotiation elements that cannot be taught, your company will still reap substantial rewards and achieve a very attractive return on this training investment.

In addition to our in-house training, we also offer ongoing seminars on a variety of topics related to negotiations. By partnering with us, we will grant your company and its employees with preferred registration and reduced rates for these seminars.

“A deal can be secured and closed, or sometimes blown, before actually meetingat the
negotiating table” Daniel Rutois

Don’t let just “any one” handle your negotiations. The consequences can be very significant and can result in financial loss, wasted time, competitive disadvantage, among other things. An investment in our training program will ensure you prevent these mishaps, and result in tangible positive benefits.


“In a high stakes negotiation, the difference between a poor and excellent outcome can be measured in thousands (if not millions) of dollars” Daniel Rutois

On certain occasions, a client is not ready to engage in negotiations just yet, and needs a fresh and unbiased perspective to better craft a strategy or to determine if a business opportunity warrants further evaluation/investment. In these instances, Daniel Rutois can be highly instrumental as a Negotiations Consultant, guiding you through the process of evaluating options, defining alternatives, and crafting a strategy. Leverage Mr. Rutois’ experience to provide insights into your core business challenges, and deliver practical strategies and tactics to optimize your results. Over the years, and as a result of negotiation on behalf of his clients and his four companies, Mr. Rutois has developed and remarkable ability for analyzing business challenges, identifying core issues and developing solutions.

When you engage Mr. Rutois as a Negotiations Consultant, your business will benefit from his objective analysis. Often, a company can save thousands of dollars by investing in the planning phase and recognizing when it is pursuing the wrong path.

Within our consulting services, we cover the following areas:

  • Sales strategies
  • Negotiation strategies
  • International deal negotiations
  • Strategic coaching

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