" A Negotiator can be his own best friend, or his own worst enemy. " Daniel Rutois

  • Every day, thousands of negotiations take place in business...
  • The negotiations’ process is complex, especially in cross-border and cross-cultural situations...
  • Breakdowns and mistakes can occur in every step of the process... READ MORE


Daniel Rutois is the developer and creator of a new service designed specifically for negotiations involving the US Hispanic market, Latin America, and other international markets. Through this new service, referred to as “Independent Negotiator,” Mr. Rutois assists private and/or multinational corporations to close different deals.

At a given time, your company will strive to reach new international markets, through product launches or expansion of your sales force; or perhaps your company will required an expert negotiator to close a local deal on your behalf. Regardless of your particular needs, this service has a lot to offer, without practically any risk, or upfront investment.

Our corporate mission is to add value to those corporations seeking to expand and grow, and which recognize that the most effective approach involves forming a strategic alliance with an Independent Negotiator. If your company has current or future needs for complex negotiations, you’ve come to the right place. We can help your company close any large and complex deals, including buying a business, sourcing / negotiating with major vendors or customers, or obtaining a new contract. In these situations, among many others, we deliver results.

Our core service is of an Independent Negotiator – in which we assume a leadership role in any efforts and initiatives requiring negotiations on your company’s behalf. Companies can reap several benefits, financial and non-financial, by outsourcing their negotiation’s needs. Please review the Independent Negotiator section for details on this service and its many benefits to you.

Aside from our core service, we also offer two supporting services – Negotiations Training and Consulting Services. Depending on your specific situation, these can be in addition to, or instead of, our Independent Negotiator services. Please take a moment to review each of our services in more detail. Mr. Rutois designed and created his unique and proprietary training systems, and is the only professional facilitating the transition of Spanish speaking corporate salespeople into professional negotiators.

We look forward to serving your business needs, and supporting your growth.

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